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Amok Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp Review
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Price from: £300

At just £300 the Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp features as the 753 cheapest product of 754 items in the Accessories category at Cotswold Outdoor UK. It also features as number 1 of 1 products from Amok in the same category.

Choosing the best Accessories products

With over 754 products to choose from, it’s no wonder it becomes such a confusing and time consuming process to decide on which Accessories are right for you. Our best piece of advise is to spend a little time researching exactly what you’re looking for, and then spending the time to find the right one for you. Whether that be the Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp from Amok or even a competitor product.

It’s also very important to set yourself a budget, too often people get carried away with researching their next purchase and set their heart on a particular product only to get into the price hunting stage and finding the prices are way out of their league. Be realistic from the start, if you only have a set budget in mind, make sure you only look at products in that area. As a guide you can expect to pay £300 for the Amok Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp.

Be selective in who you buy from, there are thousands of retailers out there, and probably a fair few of them selling the Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp, but try and be selective about who you choose to hand your cash over to. If you read our genuine customer reviews using the button above, we’ll only direct you to a retailer that offers the most genuine and comprehensive Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp reviews, and a retailer that we know and trust. Put simply, we only recommend a retailer if we use them ourselves. Retailers like Cotswold Outdoor UK.

Read reviews, customers are the most helpful people when it comes to deciding upon your next purchase. A bit of sales information from the retailer or manufacturer is great, but you can’t beat the honesty of an actual customer. So before you commit to buy the Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp make sure you read plenty of customer reviews. Likewise, don’t always be put off by them, there’s plenty of people out there that like to have a “moan” about anything and everything, so make sure you base your recommendations on an average rating and read more than one or two reviews.

Description from Cotswold Outdoor UK

The Draumr 3.0 Complete Hammock and Tarp from Amok Equipment is an ideal option for more adventurous minded folk. It offers the cosiest and comfiest of shelters while leaving no footprint on the ground making it ideal for travelling and multi-day excursions. All you need is two sturdy trees and a sense of adventure, simply attach the straps and get comfy. The tarp can be used to protect against the elements such as sun and rain, but is also great for protecting you from any falling tree debris while you sleep. For extra comfort and insulation you can slide a sleeping mat inside the sleeping mat pocket, this helps to keep it in place and offers more structure to the hammock should you prefer.The adjustable straps make it easy to transform your hammock into a chair allowing you to sit back and take some time out while enjoying the no doubt spectacular view you have chosen, even if it is just your travelling companions, equally relaxed in a nearby hammock. An optional bug net can be zipped around you should you need it, while still offering excellent breathability and comfort while small pockets are great for storing those essentials you like to keep close by, including a bottle holder for that all important beverage.Please note: the sleeping mat is not included.

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